Air/Sea freight import services :

      All that our esteemed clients are required to do is to inform us about their import. Our services starts from that point. The moment documents are ready we collect the document from their offices. We scrutinize the documents, inform our clients about various provisions of Customs Act and notifications theirunder applicable in respect of their cargo, classification of goods imported by them under Custom Tariff Act, rate and amount of duty to that is required to be paid. To facilitate timely clearance of cargo we keep watch over arrival of cargo. We also constantly monitor all the developments during the process clearance and keep our valued patrons about the same. On completion of all formalities, payment of customs duty and dues of involved agencies and clearance by customs we arrange for transportation and delivery of the cargo to the premises of the importer.



Air/Sea freight export services :

      On being informed, we collect the export documents from our valued clients, scrutinize and process the documents at our end and then file it with the Customs Authority. We arrange for picking the cargo/container from exporter's premises and warehousing of the same in transit warehouse. We also do unpacking and re-packing of cargo if required and desired.

     On completion of all formalities and clearance by customs we deliver the cargo to the carrier shipping lines/airlines/consolidators for onward transmission to the destination,collect air-way bill/ocean bill of lading and submit the same alongwith other relevant documents to our exporter client.



Pre-import and pre-export consultation :

      We provide complete information about policy, procedure classification of cargo as per Customs Act, and duty tariff applicable. We also provide our clients with any other information relevant to their cargo and advise them about the documents required for clearance purpose.



Warehousing and storage of cargo :

      We have our own warehouse for accomodating air cargo. In case of export, we pick the cargo from customer's premises and store it in our own warehouse till all the formalities are completed and cargo is handed over to carrier airlines for transmission to final destination. We also utilize our warehouse for accommodating import cargo till its delivery to the customer's premises. We provide utmost care and take complete safety and security measures during storage in our warehouse.

     We hire storage space in warehouses operated by reputed agencies for accommodating sea and bonded cargo.



Transportation :

      We have exclusive tie-up with reputed and competent transporters for transportation of any type of cargo that we handle to any corner of the country.



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